Su is a designer and printmaker of nature-themed lifestyle products. She has been vegan for over 15 years and has a desire to celebrate, connect, and bring awareness to the natural world. She strives to make ethical, environmentally responsible gifts that celebrate the nature within her local environment.

Growing up as part of a nature-loving family and spending long hours  outdoors has been a huge inspiration, and created a strong focus for her designs. Her work highlights details from natural forms and by adding them to every-day household items she encourages people to share daily in a love & appreciation of nature.

Every piece is hand-crafted in her home studio on the Kent coast.


Edy & Fig has a huge respect for the environment and there is an ongoing quest to find a gentle place within it. It’s a ‘work in progress’ but choices are becoming more considered and ethical – right now all fabrics are 100% natural, papers & inks are eco friendly & vegan, packaging is plastic free & fully recyclable and the Edy & Fig studio is powered by renewable energy.

Lookout for items in the ‘BE KIND’ range coming soon!
These items will be crafted from materials which have been chosen for their earth-friendly qualities and whose production has minimal impact on the environment. It’s time to BE KIND…

As part of the commitment Edy & Fig has to the environment, 5% of all sales from the ‘BEĀ  KIND’ range will go to healrewilding, a charity on a mission to re-wild the English countryside.


Colour in nature

Inspired by the varied and vivid colours in nature means Edy & Fig products can range from bright and colourful to classic and subtle.

Offset printing

Using an offset technique adds a sense of playfulness and natural movement within the prints.

Shadow play

Inspiration comes from seeing how the same natural shape can morph and overlay to create interesting patterns.

"If you truly love Nature, you will find beauty everywhere."
- Vincent van Gogh